Friday, June 24

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Sandholmsudden, 14:34


We empty rubbish and collect water, and stop for a drink at Benita’s because it seems fairly quiet, and the sun seems warmly inviting.

I order an almost exclusive ale, Skäri Öl, delivered directly to Benita’s by the people at Kråkö Bryggeri. They also, I note, deliver it to Erica’s shop at Söderby, and two more not-so-local places. What a neat idea, I think, as I sip it and look out at the sea.

The beer tastes nice, as the Kråkö beers usually do. I will make a slight exception for the one called Sparkling Dream, which proved, the one time I drank it, to combine a sour taste with a lack of alcohol to a less than exciting effect.