Saturday, July 9

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | | |

Gäddrag, 12:56


Yesterday we arrived to hot sun and today we woke up to cold rain. We decided to skip the market, stay indoors, and spend the afternoon in Borgå.

On the way, on a whim, we stop at R. Nordström, the small and slightly eccentric village shop in Gäddrag. As always we buy two boxes of matches and another random purchase. This time we choose one can of brandy and Pommac flavoured lonkero. Perhaps this makes us the eccentrics.

Afterwards I find a place to capture side of the building and the entrance to the shop.

In Porvoo we discover an Indian Minifest by the Lundi shopping block. We spend some time chatting there. Later, after visiting Citymarket, we will sit in the park eating sushi.

By the time we return the sun will have come out.