Thursday, July 14

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Ehrenströmintie, 19:27


We have visited Niilia at her new apartment in Espoo. Like every place in Espoo I have ever visited it proves extremely difficult to find. Getting to the general area proves no problem but actually locating the apartment block proves much harder. We pass it several times from different directions before deciding that we have reached our destination.

We drive home on a route that takes us past Lautasaari and Ruoholahti and along the coast towards the centre. As we near Café Ursula we see some ducks approaching a pedestrian crossing.

We sit for about five minutes as something like a hundred ducks cross the road one after the other. We would have sat there longer but an elderly couple distracted the remaining ducks with breadcrumbs, leaving a large group gathered round them.

The ducks obviously do this regularly because they all seemed to know exactly what to do and none of them moved off the crossing in the middle of the road.