Tuesday, July 26

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Sandholm, 17:31


We wake up to the sound of wind blowing in from the sea. Not much later heavy rain will arrive to accompany it. We end up trapped in the house.

In the late afternoon Irma suddenly suggests that we drive to Benita’s to get out of the house and fill our water canisters. That sounds like an excellent idea to me and so off we go.

When we arrive we find Benita’s deserted. We also find one table outdoors covered by a huge umbrella and completely dry. We sit there for half an hour watching the rain beat down on the beach and sea. Two people have apparently rented the sauna and we watch them run out and into the sea and back again every now and then.

The rain eventually stops and I fill the red container with water. The rain then starts again and we leave.