Thursday, July 28

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Sundö, 10:21


We got up, did things, and then had a late breakfast. We got interrupted by a strange series of strangulated sounds outside the house. I got up to look to find four chickens wandering around below the window.

The large and imposing looking rooster goes by the name of Boris, and I do not know which chickens have arrived with him. They wander around the garden for an hour or so picking up fruit that has dropped off the bushes, and seeds that have fallen onto the ground from mowing.

I go outside to photograph them.

They seem remarkably unperturbed by us, when we go outside. They don’t like us getting much closer than a metre, but as long as we keep that little distance away from them they ignore us and carry on.

Eventually they will wander off along the path and up towards where they have their coop. They will return later, and then again tomorrow.