Friday, July 29

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Sundö, 15:46


I have spent much of the day so far in the garden. The temperature has dropped and rain seems likely, although none has arrived yet. I sit down for a rest and look at the terrace where I have sat down.

I can see a small lizard. I look at it for some time and realise that it has decided not to move. I get up to get a camera and when I get back it has no changed its mind. I photograph it where it lays.

When I stand up to take my phone back indoors it will take this as a signal to move and drop down through the gap in the planks, where it originally came from.

I assume that it has some sort of close relationship to the geckos we see in Kerala. Apparently I have guessed wrong. This kind of lizard can shed its tail when it feels threatened and make off without it.