Wednesday, August 3

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Puotila Beach, 13:26


I spent the morning writing, meeting, and catching up, as I head into my “work life” again. I had a Zoom meeting with Kirstin Utne about the design of the VAKEN handbook, and then I worked on the final draft of the content until I realised that I should meet the DGD team. That meeting happened in a fog of bad connections and inaudible audio.

I have decided that my project work should take me an average of half a day most days, and so now I have finished for the day. I celebrate by checking the tyres on my bike and cycling to Puotila Beach. The sun has come out and I want to see if the beach still overflows with people.

When I get there I find a few people and about eighty ducks. I sit there for a while thinking and watching the ducks, who clearly imagine that the beach belongs to them.

I will cycle back slowly with almost nothing on my mind.