Tuesday, August 16

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Silkkitie, 18:34


The weather has decided that summer should continue and so I spend a large part of the day in the garden. I weeded, and sat and read, and ate my lunch outside, and then cleaned the birch seeds (which get everywhere) off the terrace roof.

I have now received the corrected text of nearly all the book and I missed a lot more mistakes than I thought when I read through it myself. These range from simple mis-spellings to double words (“he went went home”) and wrong tenses (“she talked and then leaves”). The latter two come from changing my mind in the middle of writing something and then failing to go back and check the first part of the sentence. Missing them when reading back later comes from carelessness or overfamiliarity: reading what you think you should see rather than what you actually see.

In the early evening In the early evening I go for a walk and as I return home down Silkkitie I spot a grate covered in whole and crushed apples. I can spot a lot of these at this time of the year when the apples fall and the cars ignore them.