Thursday, August 18

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Kamppi, 16:45


I had a day of mild adventure: yes indeed, I went totally mild.

After lunch I set off for Jatkasaari in search of a cable. I had determined that Verkkokauppa offered the best chance of getting what I wanted at a price I didn’t consider ridiculous. And so it proved.

I finally got a USB-C to DisplayPort cable to use my laptop with a full sized monitor. I planned to go to the Finnbrit Open House in the early evening so I had time to kill. I did this by spending time in the record shop next to Tavastia where I discovered that 12” lps now look unfeasibly large when you see boxes of them.

I went next to the Game Shop in Kamppi. Here I discover the geometric possibilities in the arrangement of escalators there. I take several photographs before looking at boardgames and hanging out in Muji.

Does this make me cool or sadly old-fashioned? I realise I have no idea (which presumably itself makes me unbearably cool or sadly old-fashioned).

Finally I will get to the Open House where I will meet Steve from Pixelache, as well as a bunch of other Irish musicians, and Tony Shaw and his bunch of home-made instruments. I will get invitations to a number of follow ups, including Mahjoing, folk dancing, playing the banjo, and writing for the magazine.

I will go home full of cucumber sandwiches and home-made ginger beer.