Sunday, August 21

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Kaisaniemi, 16:44


Today we have a role to play in India Day, and we head towards Kaisaniemi park to play it.

At 14:00 we take command of the Suomi–Intia Seura table, and the lottery that takes place there. The lottery prizes consist of quite a wide range of books in Finnish and English, several cds, as well as bracelets, bangles, small wooden gods, and lapel pins.

All afternoon people come up wanting to buy something, and all afternoon we explain that they have to buy a lottery ticket and win whatever they win. Most people walk away at this point. Some people stay to buy a ticket and win something they didn’t want. Some children buy tickets and win nothing, and walk away thoroughly disappointed.

We spend the afternoon spreading gloom in a blazing heat until we eventually decide to put the raffle away and start selling. The mood brightens, adults start getting what they want, children start leaving feeling happy, and the income increases considerably.

I watch one of the final performances, which all seemed extremely good. The crowd goes wild. Our day ends well.