Wednesday, August 31

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Castle Street, 11:34


Things quietened down a bit around Castle Street once the bank holiday finished. We still saw gangs of middle–aged women in micro skirts and impossible shoes last night though, and they have come out today as well.

We have stayed in apartment 104 in The Castle Connection at 42 Castle Street and it has proved a good find. We can walk everywhere we need to in ten minutes or less, including Lime Street station.

Having a fully functioning kitchen has enabled us to buy food from Marks and Spencer, so we have worked our way through some traditional meals like shepherd’s pies.

This morning I photograph another English tradition: a Tesco mini Melton Mowbray pork pie next to a miniature tomato, both of them resting on a side plate.

Perhaps not everyone would regard this as a tradition but I certainly do. I only regret that I do not have a scotch egg to nestle between them.

Auo loved scotch eggs.