Friday, September 9

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Turunlinnantie, 14:12


I have just left Tero who has repaired a filling that fell out after I let someone else deal with it. He has also burned off some extra bits of gum.

He promised me that I would smell burning flesh but in the end I smelled nothing. He claimed that his assistant had rinsed so thoroughly the whole time that she had rinsed the smells away before we could even smell them. I felt vaguely cheated.

Just when I had expected an exciting return to medieval dentistry!

I board the 841 and we drive down towards Prisma. I sit at the front and watch through the window while a police car turns left into the area around Puhos.

When I get off the bus and walk back from the gas station I will realise that my left leg has still not healed from the bison-biting incident on Tuesday. It feels odd from the knee down to the sole of the foot.

Perhaps walking to Tero might count as an inadvisable experiment, but we live and learn. Or in this case, we live and limp.