Monday, September 12

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Work space, 16:56


I work away at the tasks I have for DGD. These include the Game Jam certificate which eventually emerges as a first draft that definitely needs some more work. It also includes the Breakout games that I have started work on. This should introduce several useful ideas, including the idea of remixing a game.

I intend to make it in a modular way that uses clones and an understandable way of creating different levels. I run into a problem almost immediately. I cannot get the cloning procedure to do what I think it should do.

Eventually I isolate it to the fact that the final clone in a set does not behave properly. Unless I have discovered a bug in how Scratch works, which seems very unlikely to me, then I have failed to understand some subtlety in the cloning process.

I spend several hours experimenting with cloning but fail to isolate the issue. In despair I turn round and photograph a cupboard door and catch it in an interesting combination of lights.