Wednesday, October 24

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Rohdinkuja, 17:30


For the first time in what felt like months the three of us left home early to get the bus and metro to school and work. Auo was still very tired.

I spent the morning in the last session of the first part of Advanced Web Apps, and the afternoon in the penultimate session of Virtual Worlds Research. To my surprise and delight Maija and Tony announced that they wanted to carry their work on and use it as the basis of their theses. What’s more they are detemined that this will result in the action game being published in a finished form and made available online.

Yabba dabba do, I say.

Now I am walking home and looking at the muted autumn colours. This week the temperature has dropped and all thoughts of summer have disappeared. In thirty minutes Naa will leave for tennis and Auo will leave for her cello lesson.

We are back to normal.