Wednesday, September 21

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Outside Oodi, 17:42


Today I roamed the streets of Helsinki and my leg felt okay about it. I started at Arcada where, among other things, I had a long and interesting Indian lunch with Jutta, who told me some of the good and some of the bad things that have happened since we last spoke.

I went to the University for the first of the seminar meetings, to find a couple of other students and myself sitting waiting for the staff to arrive. We sent emails and phone messages and had a very interesting conversation among ourselves. When we had run out of things to say we all left.

I walked down to Kiasma to see what I could see. Not a lot, since you ask. Ars 2022 seems to have faded away earlier than I expected.

Now I approach Oodi, in a slight drizzle, and wander around inside. I came to see how it would fare as a place to write from time to time. I think it would work fine as long as you didn’t need much space and didn’t need a table.

As a community space it has slightly become lively and well-used. Every teenager and student in town seemed to have come there, and those that had decided not to read busied themselves with the 3D printers and making tools.

I will read a little and leave.