Friday, October 26

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Hameentie, 10:30


Yesterday the weather forecast predicted snow and it didn’t happen. This morning we woke up to find it was snowing quite heavily. Auo and I trudged to the bus stop in winter gloves to be joined on the metro by Minna, who had decided not to cycle to work today for the first time since April.

At Arcada Tommy was an hour late for work because his bus had slid into the side of a car. I have no doubt my students would all have the same kinds of stories to tell if I was able to ask them, which I can’t since they are not here. At the moment I am sitting in an almost completely deserted classroom where Maija is finishing her CMS project while sorting out her new Android phone. I am taking an opportunity to stand outside with my camera for two minutes.

At 14:00 I will meet Mike Kent at Rautatientori. He is passing through Helsinki on his way from Pori to Perth, which is not something that you could say about many people.

In the evening we will have a family trip to Prisma to buy the milk that we didn’t buy yesterday, before huddling in the warmth while the winter gets ready to lay siege outside.