Thursday, October 6

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | | |

SISP, 13:31


Today I go to SISP for the first time. On the way down the road I see a poster, and then see another one just inside the gates. The SISP skateboarding team have won two medals – one gold and one bronze – at the national championships, which may mean that one of them will get a place on the Indian Olympic team.

I stop and look at the poster. I recognise Vidya but not Vineesh, perhaps because she stands taller than most of the girls at SISP and has an extremely electric smile.

I meet Paul and Simi, and Simi and I take the first DGD class I have met since Spring. I offer what assistance they need but notice happily that they and Simi now operate as one unit and they have little need for my presence.

I count this as a success.