Friday, October 21

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Trivandrum, 19:34


When I return from SISP we go to Trivandrum in a car driven by a man suggested by Udaya.

We go to the Modern Book Centre where we spend far too long browsing and (as always) purchasing books that we didn’t even know existed until we got there.

The shop exists in an apparent state of total disorder. Books pile on top of each other and there seems little organisation, although if you ask any of the staff they will find what you want in seconds. Perhaps, then, I should rather say that I have never figured out the secret of the way the stock fits together on the shelves in all the times I have gone there.

On the way home we hit several traffic jams which the driver avoids where he can by taking impossible looking short cuts. At some point in this I photograph a random street scene.