Tuesday, November 1

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Sarovaram, 14:28


Yesterday I posted an image of Lighthouse Beach sweltering under the hot sun of summer. Later that same day the sky suddenly darkening, lightning started flashing, and thunder crashed so loud that I would have had to have stopped talking had I had anyone to talk to.

The thunder continued all night, noisily. It only stopped as I got up to get ready to supervise a workshop at Bethel School. The workshop went very well and I discovered that children as young as three can learn to use Scratch Junior and thus begin creating text-free “code”.

Safely home, with all the tablets recharged and packed away, I walk out onto the terrace. The skies have darkened again, some rain has already fallen, and the ground still bears last night’s puddles and streams of running water.

I watch a dog walk past and a rickshaw overtake it. In the evening I shall go to bed to the sound of torrential rain.