Sunday, October 28

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the garden, 15:51


The weather is still cold, and I have made another attempt to rake leaves. I have now cleared the rear of the house, and I am looking at an icicle that has fallen by a partial footprint.

In a few moments Irma and I will go to vote and pause to support the school by buying a coffee and a pie. After this we will eat an actual meal, and Irma will go to work for two hours to attend a meeting.

Later Auo will practise the cello, Naa will go to Kamppi and we will watch the results of the municipal elections until after bedtime. The only news will be that Perus Suomalaiset have held onto most of their gains in the national elections but haven’t made any more. By the end of the evening, they will have 12.3% and the Greens will have 8.5%.