Wednesday, November 23

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | | |

Kulosaari metro station, 11:38


I left the house after the weekly DGD team meeting on Zoom, and spent a happy twenty minutes in the Indian Embassy handing in our visa applications. The system has changed again and this year we will wait for the embassy to phone us to “discuss our application” before deciding how long a visa we will get and what it will cost. The interaction takes place entirely with people that I already know, and so proceeds smoothly.

I then walked back to the metro which proved a long and complicated process since the snowploughs had rendered much of the pavement between the embassy and the metro deadly. I slid and slipped my way there, changing route once when the path looked impossible.

I stand outside the entrance and look back up the tunnel. I have not seen this view for several years and so I photograph it.

I will catch a train and then leap onto a 97V at Itäkeskus and walk home without falling over once.