Friday, November 25


Kaisaniemi metro, 17:12


We spent the afternoon in a series of very interesting meetings about the future of Snowcastle Valley. Then we walked back through the long white tunnel to Kaianiemi metro station.

I stand on the station platform looking at the art opposite me and, in the end, I take out my phone and photograph it.

We will get off at Itis for some weekend shopping and then go home to watch some television that will leave us feeling that we would have had a better time not watching it. Last Friday we had somehow started binge-watching Love After Lockup a truly dire show about people who fall in love with people in prison and then live with them afterwards – or don’t. We had watched six shortish episodes and for some reason we sit down thinking that we have two episodes to go.

When it turns out that the series actually has twenty eight episodes we will lose interest faster than you can say we lost interest.