Thursday, December 1

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Arcada, 14:00


I finish a planning meeting with Christa and Topi and prepare to leave Arcada. We started by attempting to plan for the sprint in Week 50 and ended by making plans for planning it. We will continue next week (or Week 49 as we call it).

As I walk down the 4th floor corridor I come across some unfamiliar artwork; a woven wall hanging. I stop to look at it. The little sign below it tells me that Ariadna Donner wove it in 2004 and called it Spår på min fårgkarta which translates as “Traces on my color chart”.

In the evening we will go to Musikkitalo to listen to the premiere performance of Songs of Meena, by Olli Kortekangas, who I sat talking to yesterday at Leena’s memorial. We will like it very much, although we will both confess later to liking In Memoriam by Sibelius even more.