Friday, December 2

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The woods, 9:54


I get up, look out of the window, decide that the ground does not appear too slippery, and go for a walk, accompanied by the voice of Jackie Leven. (Yesterday I listened to Big Joanie and added them to my list of things to listen to again.)

I walk in a wide circle and end up by dipping back into the woods. As I walk out of Palttinakuja and into the woods before turning left and then left into Rohdinkuja, I get stopped in my tracks. An enormous truck comes racing towards me down the pathway. I jump to one side just before it comes to a halt and does a reverse three-point turn. I catch it as it finishes the turn and races off the way it had come.

As it leaves and I see its rear I realise that it has raced around the area dropping gravel behind it before coming to an unexpected dead end and retracing its path.

At speed.