Saturday, December 3


Motonet, 16:16


Sometime you need motor oil, and sometimes when you need motor oil you will find the place you usually buy it closed for the weekend. At a time like that you will probably head to Motonet.

Motonet sells all kinds of things that you would not necessarily believe actually exist. It caters to all kinds of subcultures from serious fishers to serious skiiers, as well as those who want to sledge. I spend some time looking around.

I spot the most specialised advent calendars I have seen so far. The top ones in the photo cost 99€ and promise “24 exciting fishing days ahead”. Each day brings a new bit of tackle. Below we can see a special 49€ advent calendar for ice fishermen containing even more niche products for those who like digging a hole in the winter ice and fishing through it.

I will content myself with placing a big stuffed fish (also on sale from a wide range of overlarge stuffed fish) next to the advent calendars and photographing them.

I will leave with some oil.