Friday, December 9

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Riskutie, 12:53


Yesterday evening produced another downpour of snow but the darkness put me off going out for the third time in a day. I decided to leave it until morning. This morning I therefore got up, had breakfast, and walked out to carry on from where I had left off. Fortunately it had not snowed all through the night.

At midday we have cause to walk around Vartiokylä, and less than an hour later I walk back. For a brief period the sun has come out and the sky has turned bright blue. I stop to photograph Riskutie as I cross at the junction.

An hour or so later the sky will have returned to a dull gray colour and darkness will begin setting in. I will spend the afternoon on Zoom in a sequence of three meetings about different aspects of the Vaken project.