Tuesday, December 13

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Arcada, 12:45


This morning I again wade through snow. This time, though, I wade through snow that continues to fall heavily as I walk.

I spend the morning leading the sprint from the new studio in Arcada’s D Block. I talk to four rooms at once while watching them on giant monitors.

Lunch today consists of the student Christmas dinner: several types of vegetable boxes with boiled ham, mustard and new potatoes. I photograph my plate because I have not actually eaten a meal at Arcada for over a year, and this meal seems as good as it will get.

I will leave early, once I have completed my role as ringmaster, and race home to start clearing snow. I will spend several hours doing it and still only have a small part of the job completed.

I will go to bed as soon as possible while receiving insistent complaints from every muscle I can feel and some that I don’t think I have ever heard from before.

I will fall asleep in seconds.