Thursday, December 15

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Arcada, 11:00


No snow this morning except on the ground: the temperature remained well below zero but the wind had dropped and the air felt clear.

I had two performances this morning with the sprint groups. The first one involved explaining an exercise that I have always found unconvincing but I realised that by changing it slightly it became something I could actually advise people to use. So I did.

Once they have finished Christa explains about Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and I wander into the corridor. There I find Arcada’s new robot cleaner. I had seen it earlier in the week but only from a distance.

One of the cleaners has got promoted (or demoted) to spend some time looking after it. Instead of sweeping the corridor floors herself she now walks up and down making sure that the robot behind her does not get into any mischief. Or she supervises its learning.

She doesn’t do this all the time. For much of the time the robot cleaner operates on its own.

I watch it until it appears to arrive at one of the lifts and stop and wait for the doors to open. When I see it next I will find it cleaning on the floor below.

I will wonder how it got there.