Sunday, December 18

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Rohdinkuja, 13:57


Last night we tried watching television but found ourselves, in the interests of sanity, watching the news read in the Sámi language. This had a report about the Sámi children’s series Binnabánnaš, which led us to search it out.

Why, we wondered has it not become a cult hit? Perhaps it has and we have not known about the cult until now. We sat and watched four or five episodes without understanding a word, and without needing to.

This morning the snow has not gone, although hotter weather allegedly waits around the corner.

I spent a large part of the day clearing much of the snow from the garden; rebuilding the path to the technical room, and clearing some snow from the verandah in anticipation of the huge pile of snow on the roof sliding off as the weather warms up.

I stand and look at Minna and Tommi’s apple tree which stands boldly against the monochrome sky.