Thursday, December 22

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Home, 12:34


Having spent the morning getting ahead on several projects (Miaaw and SCV spring to mind) I pause to walk around the house. I look for photographic opportunities and think back to the days of film.

If I had wandered around with a camera loaded with 35mm film I would have a different attitude. I could not afford to experiment and I would not, in any case, see the results of my experiments for hours or days.

I land on this image as something that pleases me for all sorts of reasons including the fact that it does not have any obvious content.

I will think later about whether the whole The Time of Day project might soon draw to a natural close. Images like this make me suspect that I should probably answer “yes”. Not because I don’t like images like these (and this and this) but because they might work better in a different context – both for me and for anyone who wants to see them.

If anyone wants to see them.