Sunday, November 4

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Vantaa, 16:20


The day began with breakfast and more gardening. The weather continued to be dry and clear and about ten degrees. Then Irma suddenly announced that we were going to redesign Naa’s room, and that this was going to involve buying or making a new table to fit under the window.

Now we are leaving Ikea, where we have failed to find what we want. As we get in the car Irma will remember that Prisma sell exactly the kind of wood we need. We will drive to get some, take it home, and then return to Ikea to buy the legs, and two metal cupboards.

After dinner, Irma will take Naa to the metro and Auo and I will spend the evening making the cupboards. After that I will saw the wood into the right size and paint it white.

Putting the toolbox back in the shed, I will notice that the area is covered in very thick mist.