Monday, November 5

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Hermannin Rantatie, 14:30


I spent this morning catching up with myself and by lunchtime everything was more or less under control. I closed my credit card last Thursday, after realising that there was a fraudulent payment being processed, and this morning I found a second. More interestingly, Jutta had exactly the same thing happen to her last week. She has also had to cancel her card and, even though we went through our spending habits, we have no overlapping online sites where the leak could have happened. In fact the only places we can find where our spending overlap is Arcada’s restaurant and the S-Market in Arabianranta.

Since this is Monday, lunchtime meant no lunch, just a good feeling thinking about the lunch I might have tomorrow. Instead of eating, I went to Kaisaniemi to buy volume 1 of the Suzuki School Cello Lessons for Auo, whose cello playing is getting more musical by the night. Then I went to Suvilahti to Pixelache’s new premises to help with the moving. There was a lot less of this than anyone had expected, and so I am now walking back to Arcada.

For the last ten minutes I have been walking along the new redevelopments which stretch all the way from Kalasatama to Arcada.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon planning this week’s sessions before trying to find the Pixelache board meeting at an African restaurant in Hakaniemi called TamTam. We will celebrate some interesting, surprising and positive news, and discuss plans for 2013. I will leave early, full of spicy food and excited.

I will finish the evening attaching legs to the piece of wood I painted yesterday before officially declaring it a table.