Saturday, February 25

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Ponmudi Hill Station, 14:45


We take Martta and Matti to Ponmudi hill station. According to a random website, “Ponmudi, meaning the Golden Crown, is nestled in the lap of rolling hills of the Western Ghats that run parallel to the Arabian Sea. Situated at an altitude of 1100m, Ponmudi is surrounded by scenic hills, spice plantations, tea estates, natural springs, and winding streams. Ponmudi Waterfalls, Deer Park, River Kallar, Kallar Meenmutty Falls, Golden Valley, and Peppara Wildlife”.

We have a lot of adventures on the way and on the way back, culminating in a delicious masala dosa in a restaurant in a small town somewhere before Trivandrum.

At the hill station I photograph the view.