Wednesday, November 7

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Home, 21:00


I spent the morning going over a site we used in yesterday’s class. I need to prepare a working example of the site for next week. The class have chosen to make the site by modifying an existing theme. I think that it would be easier to start from scratch. I needed to test my hypothesis, so I started building.

At lunch time I met Andrew at Dylan to discuss plans for Pixelache. Several ideas arose, and as often happens they flowed together in unexpected ways. I realised on the way back to Arcada that I now have a vital extra ingredient for the meditative virtual world: it needs to be generative audibly as well as visually. The world itself needs to express responses to your presence. Simply being in the world should be enough for the world to give you feedback, and the feedback should provide the material for reflection. The world needs to react like a living body.

Later I continue assembling bits and pieces from the Marinetta scrapbook, before heading home. I got there just in time to catch everyone leaving for tennis or cello lessons. I did the ironing and cleaning.

Now I am sitting in front of the fire. The girls have had showers, and the adults will have them soon.