Thursday, November 8

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Hämeentie, 10:55


I left first this morning and read through various news items about Obama’s re-election on the bus and metro.

At Arcada I prepared a paper about Snowcastle Valley, and then wrote an outline for the Pixelache project that I would like to do. This relates directly to ideas that I explained to Andrew yesterday. To do them properly I will need time, and some travel money.

Now I am outside, clearing my head for five minutes. The sky has turned a strange blue, the air is crisp and the trees are oddly pink, although dawn is long since over. In a few moments I will completely rewrite both the paper and the outline.

This afternoon I will try to do some more work on the Marinetta archives, although the sheer number of interruptions will militate against actually achieving anything. I will however develop the ideas for Arcada’s involvement in Camp Pixelache a bit further.