Tuesday, November 13

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A306, Arcada, 20:50


This morning I remembered to take Auo’s underwear to work but failed to sell any. I also forgot to take our passports to work and thus failed to get the Indian visas. Irma, at least, had more sense: she spotted the passports on the table, took them to work, and filled in the online forms herself.

Apart from occasional phone calls about my mother’s maiden name, which I had brought on myself, I spent the morning with Advanced Web Apps, taking the second year through a minimalist web design using grids. It was slow work but we got there. The fact that the design was very minimalist meant that the grid was even more important than usual.

I spent the afternoon dealing with issues arising, before attempting to continue my thesis work. Half an hour ago I felt that I had actually achieved a minor breakthrough. I finally had a solid basis for part two laid down, and a hole in my diary that might – just – be large enough to enable me to get to the point I want to be when I meet Stefan next week. I therefore headed to the gym for an invigorating cycle ride and shower.

Now I am running through some css issues, and looking at my reflection in the window. I am not sure the photograph works but I am going to claim it as part of my research into seeing what happens when I push this cheap but nifty Samsung P1000 to its limits.

It is also nicely angular.