Sunday, July 30

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Sundö, 16:11


We had a 15:45 appointment with the pop up pizza restaurant that has appeared for the second summer in Åke Anderssen’s old fish hut. It goes by the name of Luodoton Lokki and you can read all about it at although you won’t necessarily get a pizza in the near future.

This year he had two guest chefs and we went today for Kim Mustonen’s pizza. It contains buldak, seesami, and kevätsipuli. I had to look buldak up: according to Wikipedia, “The literal meaning of the name is ‘fire chicken’, where bul means ‘fire’ and dak translates to ‘chicken’. Buldak became popular in South Korea during 2004, primarily for its extreme pungency, as the country’s long-term recession and economic downturn caused the local population to seek out spicy food to relieve stress.”

We race back to Sundö and tuck in. The Kiihko pizza tastes even better than it looks.