Friday, November 16

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Itäväylä, 7:20


Auo and I are at the bus stop. She is transferring a lot of litter from her coat pockets to the waste bin.

I will walk to work from Kalasatama, listening to Thomas Dolby’s Astronauts and Heretics as I go. I will spend the morning, and much of the afternoon with the Mobile Apps course, demonstrating web apps working offline, and preparing them for their projects.

I will also be surprised and thrown off track in a good way. We have been using jQTouch as a framework and someone will suggest we look at jQuery Mobile as an alternative. I will be amazed at the progress it has made since I last looked, and at the clarity and ubiquity of the documentation. We will rebuild the Powerpuff Girls app as a recipe app in less than an hour. Having authoritative checklists of the available attributes, and a clear and simple way of color-coding themes, will make this completely simple.

After lunch we will change our focus completely and decide to adopt jQuery Mobile, and Cordova, as our toolkit.

After some final tidying up of today’s files, I will race home to spend the evening in and out of Prisma.