Saturday, November 17

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Home, 16:00


Auo has been writing a project about viking civilisation for school, and she needed to print it out. Irma also had some photographs that she wanted to print out. The printer had run out of toner, and the late great Moonshine had, in any case, chewed through the connecting cable. When we added it all up the cost of replenishing the printer was about the same as buying a new one.

We went to Prisma and bought an Epson XP202 wifi printer and I have just set it up. The Internet of Things is now alive and well in our house. I have set Auo’s computer to print wirelessly and her essay is available for reading, complete with colour illustrations. I have also downloaded the Epson iPrint app and printed a test page from Dropbox using my iPad.

Now we are in the garden lighting candles and raking leaves before the sun sets completely. Soon we will be in the kitchen making pasta and being jolly.