Monday, November 19

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Kaisaniemi, 14:40


Irma was getting ready to work at home when we left. As we got to the bus stop Auo discovered that her phone battery was 3%, despite the fact that she had recharged it before going to bed. Ah, Android!

I spent the morning planning and writing, and then at 10:00 I had a meeting with Lasse and Stig to discuss the spring evening classes. We agreed that we would create some news to publicise the WordPress course, and that we would run the Digital Productivity course that I suggested internally as a test drive, and then run it publicly next year if there is a consensus in favour.

At 13:00 I met Stefan for lunch at Zucchini, a very nice vegetarian restaurant in Fabianinkatu. WE spent an hour and a half there talking about my thesis, the direction in which Aalto is developing and the unconference that Stefan is proposing for next September to signal the end of the epedagogy program. We both got enthusiastic about the latter, and I realised that my dispondency about the apparent lack of progress with my thesis was misplaced. When I had to sit and deliver a verbal report on what I have done and where I have got to since September, it sounded as though I had made several important steps forward and passed several milestones.

I left feeling happy, and now I am walking down the tunnel at Kaisaniemi metro station. I am looking at the art that decorates the tunnels in a style that always leaves me wondering about its official status. Is it art masquerading as graffiti, or is the opposite more nearly the truth?

At Arcada I will spend an hour writing two short reports before heading off into the clear autumn weather for home.