Wednesday, November 21

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Itäkeskus, 7:30


The house was unusually loud and jolly this morning. Irna got up early and played Robbie Williams’ new single very loudly, before playing some tracks from the new Lenny Kravitz cd Black and White America. (The Robbie Williams cd was my anniversary present, accompanied by some robot Christmas decorations.)

There is a spare train in the metro station, and the scene is remarkably shiny. The girls are reading Metro and adjusting the straps on Auo’s rucksack while I am watching it.

I will spend the morning writing emails and arranging meetings, and the afternoon at a planning workshop which won’t take the form of the latter and won’t achieve much of the former. Robert’s presentation of a film about epilepsy that he made while teaching at Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola, however, will turn out to be worth the price of admission. The excerpts will make me want to see the whole film.

There will, in addition, turn out to be such a thing as a free lunch. Chicken and barley, in this case.