Friday, November 23

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Arcada, 14:30


I have spent the day with the Mobile Apps course. Everyone who was there has started their project, and everyone has different problems. Several of them seemed to revolve around reading and writing to files using Javascript, and so I created several demo pages, and experimented with a number of techniques.

Lunch was not possible, and so I have left the building for five minutes to clear my head. The clouds are not as impressive as yesterday, and so I ignore them and notice the walkway into the building instead. Once I am back inside I will get back into Javascript and php, and manage to make an all-purpose demo.

I will abandon my plan to attend the Arcada bowling competition tonight and reclaim my crown, because there are whole bunches of things that need doing at home, including batter that needs making for Auo’s school fair tomorrow morning. It will be an evening of whisking for me.