Friday, November 30

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Kallio kunnonkala, 12:10


This morning I stayed on the metro and got to Kamppi in time to get a bus to the doctoral seminar. The bus didn’t turn up because of the overnight snowstorm, and so I waited for fifty minutes for the next one. It arrived but took an hour and thirty minutes to make the fifty minute journey to Kallio kunninkala. I was happy. I read through my notes, and practised my presentation and all was well.

I arrived at 9:55 and presented at 10:00. The strategy of using three pecha kucha actually worked, although I realised that I had rather too much to say for many of the twenty second chapters. It went well, though, and for the first time ever at the doctoral seminars I felt that I was with a peer group.

Now Elina has finished her presentation and it is time for lunch. We are walking up the hill to the kartano in the certain knowledge that the food will be delicious. It will turn out to be homemade lasagne and salad.

We will spend the afternoon in discussions and in the evening Milos and Juha will have a sauna and I wil opt to download and reread Walter Benjamin’s essay Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. It will confirm my belief that his whole argument melts away of you add music to the mix, and my suspicion that he mentions music only once in the entire essay because he himself realises this.