Own Your Web – a newsletter

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POSTED: January 15, 2024

In October 2023 Matthias Ott, “independent user experience designer and design engineer from Stuttgart, Germany”, started a newsletter called Own Your Web.

In the first issue he wrote

It looks like I’m not the only one who is unsatisfied with the current state of social media and the Open Web. Many of us share that vision of a Web that lets everyone participate, a Web that is empowering and full of creative ideas, a Web that is home to respectful and welcoming communities, and a Web where people can truly own their work and the content they create and publish. And you know what? Drowned out by the noise on the large, attention-grabbing, enshittificated social networks, that version of the Web still exists. On our personal websites.

Having a personal website in 2023 is a superpower. It’s a place to write, create, explore, and share whatever you like, without limitations. It’s a playground to try out new things, tinker with new technologies, and build something beyond the ordinary. It’s a tool to make yourself heard, to participate in online discourse, create community, and make new friends. And, it’s a place to truly own your content and tell your story. It’s your personal home on the Web.

The newsletter has come out regularly since then, and has now reached issue 7 (which arrived yesterday). It has become one that I look forward to getting, and actually read from start to finish.

You can subscribe to Own Your Web by clicking here.