A degrowth manifesto

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POSTED: March 13, 2024

I made a note a few days ago about degrowthUK. Thee group has begun preparing a manifesto for 2024, which

”states clearly what has to be done now to halt the destruction of the ecological systems that sustain us all. We use the concept of the Emergency Brake to capture that idea. We recognise that these proposals are extremely challenging and will have consequences that need to be mitigated. Therefore we include a proposal for an emergency safety net as part of the Emergency Brake actions, and we complement the Brake with a comprehensive Plan for Reconstruction and Renewal.

This covers most of the areas that need to be addressed for there to be the kind of society and economy that sustains the population while continuing to minimise the various human footprints on the earth’s systems.

They have published a two page summary which you can download from here. You can also request a copy of the full 78-page main document, if you wish to provide feedback on it and help develop it.

You can find the email address to request the complete draft manifesto here on the degrowthUK site.