February 29: a newspaper story

POSTED: February 29, 2024

This just in from Hugh Schofield, writing on the BBC website:

The world’s only quadrennial, or four-yearly newspaper, has hit the kiosks again in France with the release of a new issue of La Bougie du Sapeur

Conceived by a group of friends who “wanted to have a laugh”, La Bougie du Sapeur (The Sapper’s Candle) has a print run of 200,000.

Fairly obviously, this year the newspaper comes out every leap year on 29 February. This year, for those who need to know this, it cost €4.90 and, having began in 1980, it reached issue 12.

Among other things La Bougie du Sapeur contains an ongoing serial – The Drowning in the Pool. The next installment of this will appear on February 29, 2028.

Hang onto your hats.