Sunday, December 2

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The road to Sundö, 12:40


We are on the way to Sundö to collect some lamb meat and to see Mikael and Camilla. The world is uniformly grey and snowy and visibility has been minimal for a good part of the journey.

Ville and Margit have posted on Facebook to say that a tree fell on their car and cut their electricity supply off. When we get to Sundö we will learn that they are far from alone. Last night was apparently the worst storm that anyone living in Pellinki can remember. The whole of the big island has been without electricity, numbers of houses have been damaged by trees and the road to Björn’s island is completely blocked with fallen trees.

We will stay a couple of hours and then drive home before it gets too dark and slippery. When we get back the cat will refuse to leave the house.

In the evening, Irma will drive Naa to Puotila, remember that there is no metro this weekend, and end up driving her all the way to Kamppi.