Wednesday, April 3

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Itäväylä, 11:23


And just like that Spring collapses and we get Winter 2.0. I wake up, look out of the window, and see the ground covered by thick snow, which still falls in heavy clumps. The temperature has dropped and the sun has run away to hide.

Things don’t improve in the morning and at 11:15 I leave the house wearing a hat and gloves, and wishing I had not put my winter jacket away. I get to the bus stop and two snowploughs approach at speed along the main highway.

They roar past the bus stop right by the kerb, spraying grit behind them, just as the bus arrives. This causes the bus to swing round them rather than stop to pick up the people waiting.

I phone Micke to tell him that I will arrive late for lunch. This turns out fine because Elena also turns up and we have an impromptu Vaken meeting while eating a buffet at Momo and More which starts with a genuinely spicy and genuinely delicious “South Indian Seafood Soup”.