Tuesday, December 11

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Outside Arcada, 21:40


I spent the morning and more of the afternoon than I intended with the group finalising their Advanced Web Apps projects. Some have nearly finished and some have just woken up to the fact that they have not really been listening for most of the period.

After this someone found a creative, complex and innovative way to lose all his work, but I realised that HostMonster allows me to download yesterday’s site backup. I therefore downloaded about 800MB of data to retrieve the seven text files that comprised his WordPress theme.

By this point I had abandoned any hope of writing today so I got ahead with some other tasks that need doing before Christmas instead. I organised some small things, I reorganised my backup strategy, and I downloaded a few articles I need to read in India.

At some point during all of this it started snowing very hard. Now I am leaving Arcada in thick snow with more falling.