Pixelache wins a prize

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POSTED: December 4, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I attended a prize-giving ceremony at the Ministry of Culture, as a member of the Pixelache board. Paavo Arhinmäki presented Nathalie with a certificate and a flower. Piknik Frequency Ry, the official body that runs Pixelache had been awarded a state art prize which, as Nathalie wrote, is

an award that is given every year to 1-2 individual artists and 1-2 organisations. This year the prize was awarded to composer Heikki Salo, Saamelaistaiteen tukiyhdistys ry (Sámedáidaga doarjjasearvi rs) and Piknik Frequency ry, the non-profit association that runs Pixelache.

Afterwards we ran amok in the building, and took a lot of photographs of ourselves and the furniture.

Most of the Pixelache board. Antti is not in the photograph because he is holding the camera.

This particular photograph was taken by Antti Ahonen, who is therefore not in it. It shows Jenni Valorinta, Mikko Laajola, Jon Irigoyen, Nathalie Aubret, Ulla Taipale and me at the back. In the front we find Ulla Jaakola and Sara Milazzo.